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Light Scattering Instrument (UW Madison) #37577

(Item located at 660 N. Park St. Madison, WI)

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*Available for Wisconsin State Agencies and UW-Madison Departments ONLY - Contact SWAP at swap@bussvc.wisc.edu for more information or to claim this item.  Pricing (if any) will be set by the original department.

  • Brookhaven Instruments light scattering instrument
  • Used to collect and analyze scattered light intensities as a function of angle from colloidal supsensions, polymer soutions, gels and other scattering materials.
  • Last time used was fully functional (many years ago)
    • Current functional status is unknown
  • System includes:
    • Water cooled Model 85 Ion laser (Lexel)
    • Lexel Laser 85 control module
    • Brookhaven Instruments BI-200SM motorized goniometer
    • Brookhaven Instruments high voltage power supply (0 to 3000 volts)
    • Brookhaven Instruments peristaltic pump
    • Brookhave Instruments BI-9000AT digital auto-correlator
    • melles Griot Helium Neon laser - 10 milliwat max output
    • Melles Griot power supply unit
    • Dell Optiplex computer with installed static light scattering software
    • Micro-g table with moutable struts - VERY HEAVY!
    • Accessories

The equipment is located at 660 N. Park Street, Madison WI.  It is the responsibility of the BUYER to pick up or ship the equipment to its new destination.  Please contact Chris Worley at 608-262-2899 for questions and viewing/pick-up information.

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