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by Coy Laboratory

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  • Cosmetic Condition Good - minor to moderate wear
  • Dimensions ~ 76"W x 35"D x 43"H
  • Weight ~ 60 lbs.

  • Item # 22309880
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  • It can't be nothing because it is a thing we have. 
  • It is best to be used for the thing you want it used for.
  • Functionality: It appears to probably be very good at doing the thing you want for the purpose that it was bought.  
  • Update: Some things were learned about the thing. Appears to be the frame/base of an Anaerobic Chamber. 
Questions & Answers
Q: https://coylab.com/products/anaerobic-chambers/vinyl-anaerobic-chambers/ I was thinking of using it as a small greenhouse for seed starting late winter outside by throwing a clear vinyl tablecloth over it but my hubby veto'd. posted by: Angie2Donate 6/1/2023 11:57 AM
Q: What does the little plaque say? Could we get a close-up? Perhaps that explains something. posted by: ottffssent 5/30/2023 5:51 PM
A: A close up was added. For what it's worth there was a piece of equipment attached to the bottom when it came in. Best guess is it was a makeshift dust cover. Toss a tarp over the top to cover what is below.
Q: I did a thing once with this thing, but then someone said something and I couldn't finish the thing i was doing and lost that someone as a friend. Now I am thingless and friendless... If only I could get the thing again, my stuff would be on fleek. posted by: jbking3 5/30/2023 3:33 PM
Q: Wow, cool thing! I haven't seen one of these things in ages! What does the warning label say? Does it give any indication of the stuff you can (or shouldn't) do with this thing? Thinking about purchasing this for a few things. posted by: wjlafrance 5/30/2023 12:44 PM
Q: Lovely. I am not in the market for a stuff that can do said thing(s); thank you for writing this, though. posted by: TrueHarlequin 5/30/2023 9:29 AM
Q: Long time customer here. This is one of the best listings yet. Thank you posted by: heavyk 5/28/2023 1:38 AM
Q: Is it able to do the thing? posted by: Ddragggon 5/27/2023 11:11 PM
Q: Is that thing upsidedown? posted by: Loki 5/27/2023 3:02 PM
Q: Lololololol posted by: Angie2Donate 5/26/2023 6:10 PM